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Questions about Scoot

What is MyScoot and its concept?

MyScoot is the Airbnb for home hosted events. It’s a cool and great way to meet strangers who are your kinda crazy via house parties based on different themes.

How does it work?

You can either attend or host a MyScoot Houseparty. All events take place at someone’s place where a bunch of cool and genuine strangers gather to know each other and chill out. You can make new friends, network for business, learn a new craft from someone, help someone in an endeavour or even find your next coffee partner. Also, you save money by attending and you make money by hosting a MyScoot Houseparty at your place.

How can I be a part of MyScoot events?

It’s simple, for now you just have to fill up this quick 10 second form -

Once you fill this up, you’ll be a part of our event notification list and will receive notification and invites of upcoming events. You can also refer to our facebook page to know which events are coming up.

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Is it safe to attend a MyScoot party at someone’s house, specially for females?

Yes, it’s totally safe. All MyScoot guests are properly screened and we at MyScoot hate creeps. Moreover, it’s always a social setting, so a bunch of people are always present around you. It’s safer than traveling in a Uber or staying at a AirBnb. For reviews by the guests, you can refer to our facebook page.

How do you screen people?

Our screening goal is simple - we don’t want to let creeps in. So, our screening is a mix of checking the social, work and educational profile of our attendees. Moreover, someone from the team always talks to the guest before they attend the party to confirm.

What can I expect at a typical MyScoot Houseparty?

All MyScoot house parties are different from each other, and that’s the beauty of the concept. We’ve had gaming parties, barbeque parties, bonfire jamming sessions, masquerade ball, wine & salsa, Game of Thrones and a whole bunch of different parties. The common things you can expect are good music, a variety of conversations, games and a cool bunch of strangers.

I filled the form but haven’t received any invite, why is that so?

We’ve received a great response since its launch and we have a long list of guests waiting to attend a MyScoot Houseparty. But, because of various constraints, we’re doing enough events to cater everyone and that is the prime reason of you not getting an invite. However, we’re launching our web platform in February where you’ll be able to select the event you want to attend and send your interest directly to the host. This will enable us to have multiple events and cater to everyone. Please bear with us till then.

My question/query isn’t listed here. Where can I ask?

You can send us an email on [email protected] and someone from our team will reply back. We’re quite active there and will reply for sure, pinky promise!

Questions about events

How long do the events go on?

The timings of every party is decided by the host and is communicate properly on the event page. Most of our day events end during the given timings but the night events generally go on till extended hours. The host has completely has the power to keep the party going on even after official closing time.

Can I bring a friend along for the event I want to attend?

Yes, you totally can. We recommend you going with a friend if you’re going for the first time.To attend an event with you, your friend has to sign up on our platform and get his/her profile verified by the completing their profile.

Why aren’t my requests to join parties getting accepted?

All guests are selected (or approved) by the hosts themselves. There could be many reasons for you not getting accepted for a parties - uncomplete profile, being late, host having different requirements of guests, not having a clear profile picture, social profiles not linked, you’re not sending a personalised message and many more. Make sure you’ve completed your profile and are sending a good personalised message to the host stating why do you wanna attend a particular event.

Is anybody from the MyScoot team present at the parties?

Yes, at least one representative from MyScoot is present at every party to make sure you have a good time. You can also be one of our volunteers, just fill this form to apply.

I've never attended a MyScoot party, will it be a good experience attending alone?

Yes, MyScoot’s platform is meant to meet new people and form new connections. It is the best option in town to walk in alone in a party alone as a stranger and walk out with others as friends. Don’t even think twice before attending it alone, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time.