Instagram 101 - A Guide To Ace Social Media Music Content

Instagram 101 - A Guide To Ace Social Media Music Content

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Instagram is a fantastic way to build your brand’s online presence. Join me to discover why the most successful brands are incorporating images into their marketing strategies – and how you can use Instagram to increase your following. We will discuss how we can create high quality, engaging Instagram content in the form of photos and videos. Not just that, meet new people, socialize and expand your network from the comfort of your home. 

Here's what you can expect from this event:

  • Learn to identify your Instagram community, competition, partners, and future customers 
  • Tips and tricks to build a seamless Instagram content strategy
  • An opportunity to meet new people and expand your network
  • How to take videos, lighting, presentation etc.

Ace the social game like never before and I'll see you super soon!

P.S. - This interactive experience is a part of a multi-session program where all individual events cater to distinct themes. You can choose to attend all the experiences or pick one out of the lot.


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