Homebound Stories

Homebound Stories

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Hey everyone!

This social distancing period has been a wild ride for all of us and by now we've all found our unique ways to make it less boring. Whether you've started talking to your plants, are on your way to putting in your 10,000 hours towards becoming a master chef, or are just inching closer towards making perfectly round chapatis, I'm sure you have a few isolation stories to share. Any kind of story goes - happy, sad, funny, nostalgic, hopeful, or what have you. So just join in and let's get sharing.

Here's what to expect:

  • New people to e-bond with
  • Isolation surival hacks that you'd not thought of before
  • The chance to share your isolation stories with the world

See you on Monday evening, to help you survive the upcoming week's madness with a bowl-full of stories.

PS. I'm more comfortable with Hindi, so the event will largely be conducted in Hindi.


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