BizCom Sharing Session over Coffee

BizCom Sharing Session over Coffee

November 07, 2019 at 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Sector 28, Gurugram

Theme: Business Communication on Email

In this event, we are going to get together to discuss challenges that we face, particularly in the area of business communication via email. These days, a lot of our communication with local and international clients happens on email and since we are unable to express our emotions and tone accurately on emails, messages get misinterpreted and distorted. And this can result in embarrassing situations for you and the recipient.

To avoid such embarrassment in future, we have come up with this sharing session in which:

  1. You can talk about incidents in which messages were misinterpreted (and we promise no one is gonna judge you)
  2. You will get to learn from others on how to improve your written communication skills
  3. We will learn how to write concise emails without diluting the message
  4. You will understand the Dos & Don'ts of professional email communication

Remember that in this journey, you are not alone. We are constantly improving ourselves and learning from one another. So, take this opportunity to learn from others and, at the same time, impart knowledge to others.

This session will be led by Ujwala Evani, success coach and founder of Linguasense Singapore. She is super excited to meet all of you, share tips on business communication, and also learn something new from each one of you.

** There will be beer at the F&B area at WeWork. After the sharing session, we will proceed to the F&B area for networking over beer.


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