Virtual Musical Fiesta - Season Pass

Virtual Musical Fiesta - Season Pass

August 01, 2020 at 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Around the world, MyScoot

Hi guys, Shivam here! How is this time at home treating you?! It's been a few days of self-discovery, singing songs and a lot of chilling for me! I really miss seeing new faces and interacting with people, so I am hosting an interactive set of events where you can expect the following:

Session 1- 1st August, 10pm

Bored of spending time making Dalgona coffee and baking banana bread? Well, you need a chill pill, or should I say a musical pill. I've decided to bring the party to your doorstep this weekend via an intimate and interactive online session. Join me for an evening full of conversations, music, games and a lot more. 

Session 2- 8th August, 10pm

Let's create some beautiful memories and experiences over our favourite beverage - chai, shall we? This session is all about great music and even better conversations! Join in for an evening packed with an unlimited dose of entertainment, music, and laughter and poetry. The stage is all yours! 

Session 3- 22nd August, 10pm

 I am a huge fan of traveling. It comes almost naturally to me as I go and explore various places, bond with different sorts of people and learn about distinct cultures. The current period has made me feel alienated from the world. In order to feel better, I've decided to host a virtual meet-up where we can connect our travel stories and learn from each other's journey. Not just this, I will sing and play the guitar for you guys!  

Session 4- 29th August, 10pm

I have a love-affair with serene melodies that take me away from the hustle-bustle of routine life. I'd like to invite you for an interactive online session where I plan to bring together my love for music and conversations. Join me to understand how the journey of an artist differs from what is visible on the outside, and how one can make a place in the music industry. 

You get to attend all three events at such an affordable price. Isn't that a steal? See you on the other side. 


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