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Nostalgic 90s Houseparty

June 28, 2019 at 8:00 PM - 4:00 AM
Gottigere, Bengaluru

Sneak Peek of Past Guests

Melissa & Vaibhav and others have attended this event.

So, our days high-fiving after sinking a ping pong ball in a red Solo cup are long over, but we hope we’re never too mature for imbibing with friends and partaking in silly antics. What better way to let your hair down than with a bit of childlike fun? Think grown-up versions of your favourite childhood activities — No-Hand Flip Cup, The Name Game, The Infamous Truth or Dare, Simon Says and So on. Drinking and summer games go hand in hand. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • An ice-breaking session
  • Discussion on topics(decided by chits)
  • Fun drinking games
  • Good food and alcohol
  • A proper house party

 Let's meet, greet and have a fun evening together!


Adequate Snacks
>4 Rounds
Beverage Type
On Demand
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About Host

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I would hate to bore you by telling you how wonderful I am by attaching to my name a bunch of flattering adjectives. I believe that words are cheap, but actions speak much louder, so why bother?

I am a very flexible person, can adjust easily, love to try and experiment on new things. I love conversing and can talk on mostly any topic. I love to be involved in something or the other.

I can talk about automobiles for hours and hours. I am a proud brother of a doberman-Labrador who I simply adore and can easily spend the day talking about her. I like to meet new people primarily because it shows me what the world has to offer. Enough about me, cant wait to meet and greet people.

House Rules

Smoking Allowed

BYOB Allowed

Pets Not Allowed

Kids Not Allowed

No Pets at Home

Parking Available

Stayover not Possible

Cancellation Policy

Full refund if you cancel anytime before 24 hours of the check in time, if the host declines your interest or if the host cancels the event. No refunds otherwise.



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