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Dank Dance Socials

June 29, 2019 at 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Sector 52, Gurugram

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Roopam & Neha and others are also attending this event.

Hey Guys,

Instead of having an overpriced drink at a crowded pub, come join me for drinks at my place! We'll play some games to break the ice and get to know each other, and then we'll down lots of beer, throwback tequila shots, dance to EDM, and play poker. I love making new friends and hanging out with people, and what better way to expand my friend circle than to treat everyone to a night of pure fun.

Here's what to expect:

  • Ice breaking session
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Fun activities and games
  • EDM music and dancing
  • Good Conversation

Leave your worries behind and join me for a wild night of fun! I'm looking forward to seeing you there :)


Adequate Snacks
>4 Rounds
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About Host

- Host
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Hey, My name is Raja and enjoy meeting people over a glass of whiskey! Helped in how the world moves and currently helping to make Urban India lazy. Wanna know how? 


- Co-Host
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Can make the best cup of tea you'll ever have or filter coffee, if that's your cup of tea. Grammar Nazi | Swimming | Manchester United | Opens a Pint using another. 😎 Makes the perfect Caipirinha for a sunny afternoon.

House Rules

Smoking Allowed

BYOB Allowed

Pets Allowed

Kids Not Allowed

No Pets at Home

Parking Available

Stayover not Possible

Cancellation Policy

Full refund if you cancel anytime before 24 hours of the check in time, if the host declines your interest or if the host cancels the event. No refunds otherwise.



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