Let's Talk Spirituality Over a Cup of Coffee

Let's Talk Spirituality Over a Cup of Coffee

November 09, 2019 at 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Greater Kailash, New Delhi

Spiritual bliss may not be within everybody’s reach, but those who are keen and sincere can achieve this objective by delving deep into their inner selves to find out their shortcomings and how to overcome them so that they can lead complete and wholesome lives.

This is not going to be a lecture. Join us for an interactive session with our guest speaker Gian Kumar, as he talks about the seemingly mysterious, yet accessible world of spirituality. A thinker by nature, the inherent confusion and dogmas underlying religion, gradually impelled him towards spirituality. Today, he is deeply grateful for a journey filled with opportunities to learn about existential riddles such as:

  • Is God an illusion?
  • Is spirituality a hoax?
  • What separates us from artificial intelligence?
  • What exactly is spirituality? How is it different from religion?

He is a bestselling author of six books. His latest book, Spiritual Power: God and Beyond has been published by Hay House. Gian hopes to share his own experiential learnings with others through this one-of-a-kind MyScoot event.

Here's what to expect:

  • Unstrangering: A quick introduction to get to know everyone.
  • Tea, coffee and cookies.
  • An interactive session with our guest speaker. Share your take on spirituality; listen to his. Ask any question you have in mind. What is the "mind"? How is it different from "spirit"? Do you even need to be a spiritual person to lead a good life?

Looking forward to seeing you all for a mindful Saturday evening.


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