Season Pass- August | Rhea Sasi

Season Pass- August | Rhea Sasi

August 08, 2020 at 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Around the world, MyScoot

Join in for a fun, interactive session of learning, laughing and a lot more as we unravel the mysteries of Music. With a whole lot of fun games like Antakshari, a welcoming karaoke and candid conversations about mental health, these events are packed with fulfillment! Let's get and together explore some things about music and expand our love for it a discover some cool vocal tips to help you hit those notes better at your next party!

Converse & Communicate On Mental Health & Music  -08th August | 8:00 PM Onwards

In these tough times, mental health has become a priority for us all. Indulge in soothing conversation and music to say goodbye to a dull day.

Revisit Jolly Times Through 'Hinglish' Antakshari With Rhea -15th August | 8:00 PM Onwards

Looking for a way to reminisce about old and festive times? Join in for a Hinglish Antakshari for enjoying the best of both worlds!

Sing Along At Karaoke & Open Mic Night With Rhea  -22nd August | 8:00 PM Onwards

Have you always wanted to sing but never found the chance to do so? With a fun-filled karaoke night and open mic opportunity, you are sure to make loads of memories!

Chisel Your Vocals with Rhea  -29th August | 8:00 PM Onwards

With a candid learning sessions from me, you can easily tune your voice to your favourite melodies and hum to colourful songs with basic vocal training.

Jam-packed with a ton of new experiences and new friends, these bunch of events are a sure-shot to not just liven up anyone's day, bu also get creative with music and people! Join me and sign up for a steal-deal.


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