Upcycle at home: Let's raise a helping hand for nature!

Upcycle at home: Let's raise a helping hand for nature!

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With people locked down in homes, the peaceful recovery of nature is teaching us important lessons. We all know that, we are in dire need to save this planet, as it's deteriorating day-by-day, and we're doing nothing about it. 

Well, I have always been ignorant about it, until I realized that I can probably reuse a lot of stuff at home before dumping them and that's how I can do something productive for my planet. 

So, that's pretty much what defines my motive for this session. I may not have some crazy solid ideas, but whatever I have is quite fun and amazing! You can join in with your family/kids, as it's gonna be a super exciting and insightful session. Plus, it can give you a break from your monotonous working schedule and will help you to think differently.  

Here's what to expect:

• A group of people to know and share your thoughts with. 

• A super insightful session about reusing stuff at home.

• Some fun ways to practice eco-friendly lifestyle. 

• Some fun ways to help you know people better.

Let's connect and share ideas. Hoping to see you soon! 


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