THE V-ROOM - Stress Busting Event (Gurgaon Chapter)

THE V-ROOM - Stress Busting Event (Gurgaon Chapter)

December 07, 2019 at 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM
Sector 19, Gurugram

Venting out feelings & Emotion, we all have done it. As a matter of fact, we probably have done it within the last 24 hours either to ourselves or to someone who has probably just ignored what you expressed? How does it feel to be in that position?

·      We all do it when we feel stuck in our life? Does it fetch u any results?

·      There are times when we have no one to hear us out. What do u make of it?

·      Tired of what is happening around you? Feeling emotionally drained, stressed due to work or personal life?

It’s time to let it out. Let others hear you. You are not alone. We understand you that’s why Selbic has created a platform for individuals to express/vent out their upholding emotions that is making them feel trapped inside due to reasons, you feel no-one would be able to understand.

So here it is – You can speak to us in a group of other individuals who are going through the same distressing events just like you- Everyone has a different life mostly their experience would be varied however they must be experiencing a different set of problems but chances are they are feeling as you are feeling.

From this time onwards, we are inviting you to join us and experience the change and meet with people with similar ongoing emotions & situations. Network, interact and meet some new friends with similar feelings. We have limited availability of seats for this event to maintain a peaceful and engaging environment so hurry up. What are you waiting for?

Fact Check

Did you know?

Gurgaon is the second most city in India in terms of leading stressful lifestyle commencing towards generating suicidal tendencies among individuals after Bangalore and India has the largest suicide rate in South East Asia – A data provided by World Health Organisation - ( – Published Article – 09/September 2019


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