Stories from travel around the world!

Stories from travel around the world!

Around the world, MyScoot

While I was traveling there were many-a-time when I despised having to drag around a huge backpack that seemed to be bigger and heavier than myself, and the struggle to make everything fit in was insane! I miss the anticipation and anxious months of planning, spending spare moments looking in travel books for ideas, the rush of the last-minute packing, that anxious night that I always have before we leave, and the crazy excitement (and it doesn’t seem to matter how much we travel, this doesn’t get better).

I have learned so many things while traveling and met some amazing people. BUT WAIT..! Isn't that the scenario with all us solo travelers? Staying at home is the toughest time for us travelers. Let’s relive the time we spent on traveling, share our endless love for travel, and haggle and bond over. You can share your best travel moments, embarrassing, funny, productive, shocking, every story is welcome.

From your embarrassing day-dreaming stories to your productive (saving up for that trip) stories, it’s your moment and you can share it all with the world. It’s going to be an online event and the link of joining will be emailed to everyone.

P.S: Don’t forget to keep your pictures ready when you come online.


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