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Sun, 22 Mar | 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Traditional Feast!
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About this event
Hi folks! Come get your weekly brunch fix or help cure your Saturday night hangover with a delicious, rich, traditional Himachali feast! Every Himachali's favorite comfort food, I've never found these dishes offered at local restaurants in Delhi, so I thought why not invite people to taste the experience at my home. We'll sandwich the mea...
Food - Full Meal
5-course traditional Himachali feast, native to Kangra (Rice, two kinds of dal, mahni and mandra), followed by dessert (mittha neorha)
Beverage - Non-Alcoholic
Kanji (a spicy, rye-based fermented drink) to start the afternoon
Your Host

Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Delhi, studied in the US, came back and worked in Bangalore (fintech) for a few years, and now find myself back home!

I'm a physicist by training, who somehow ended up helping people solve their financial troubles. I'm a sports enthusiast (huge basketball and football fan!), bathroom singer (in love with Last Cigarette channel on Youtube) and stand up comic (aspiring. Please be kind if you're in the audience. :D).

I love helping people work on mental, physical and financial health as the 3 pillars of wellness.

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Guest Reviews
Anuradha reviewed A Traditional Lunch Feast!
The family was just so cool. Especially the aunty, the food was really very delicious.
Agam reviewed A Traditional Lunch Feast!
It was very pleasant and amazing. The food was amazing. The host was very hospitable. I really enjoyed it a lot.
Things to remember
Event Timings07:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Please reach the place on time. Nobody likes a late show.
House RulesView
Please respect the house rules set by the host.
Verification PolicyView
Only verified MyScoot guests can attend this event.
Cancellation PolicyView
Full refund if you cancel 24 hrs before the event.
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