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Why Host?

Meet New People
Increase your social/professional network through diverse set of people or simply chillout with like-minded folks.

Extra Income
Buying your favorite gadget or pampering yourself at spa, fund your passions with an extra income that too while partying.

Tailored Experience
Masquerade Party or Networking Dinner, customize the ambience, theme, music and even the people-profile you want to host.

Hosting in 3 simple steps

1. Signup and get verified
Sign up with us in just one click and complete your profile to get verified.

2. Put up an event
Decide what you want to host. Put up your event in 5 simple steps by choosing from a drop down of options

3. Meet new People
Once your event is live, verified guests can send you interest. Start accepting interests and meet new people

Trust and Safety

Host with a peace of mind with MyScoot, coz we have got your back

Screened Profiles
We ensure the quality of people by screening the profiles of everyone who signs up with us.

3 Tier Screening

Seamless Reimbursements
You receive your hosting payout within 5 business days. All our payments are secured by Razorpay

Simple Payment Policy

MyScoot Support
Hosting with us is simple & hassle-free, we help you decide everything & co-host the event with you

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